Rimas Solar


Leaflet Turnkey Solar Module Lines

Data sheet Post Lamination Line / Back End Line

Data sheet Framing

Data sheet Solrif Framing

Data sheet Taping

Data sheet Sun Simulation

Data sheet Junction Box Silicon Dispensing

Data sheet Ribbon Cutting & Bending

Data sheet Transfer & Handling


Rimas Assembly Technology


Catalogus Bosch Rexroth Montagetechniek MGE  Basic Mechanical Elements V13.1 (large file) can be downloaded directly from the Bosch Rexroth website. Please click here.

Catalogus Bosch Rexroth Montagetechniek MGE Quick and Easy chart

Catalogus Bosch Rexroth MPS Manual Production Systems

Catalogus Bosch Rexroth EcoShape Tubular Framing Systems

Overview Bosch Rexroth Transfer Systems

Catalogus Transfer System TS 1

Catalogus Transfer System TS 2

Catalogus Transfer System TS 4

Catalogus Transfer System TS 5

Chain Conveyor System Vario Flow

RFID Systems

URL Link: MTpro manual



Vitrododi Glass Technology


Data Sheet Mirror One Glass Washer

Data Sheet Mirror Compect Glass Washer

Data Sheet Mirror Compact Eco Glass Washer

Data Sheet Mirror One Glass Immaculate Glass Washers

Vitridodi Poster 2010 (prior to take over)