Reference – Interview Mr. Ajay Lalla

Business Excellence

South Africa 2011. Mr. Ajay Lalla, Managing Director of Solaire Direct Technologies, shares his experience with the RIMAS technology Group. Solaire Direct has a 36 MW solar module production facility based in Cape Town South Africa, which started in January 2009. The company has a supply partnership with Q-Cells and a team cumulating over 50 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry. The companies values state: “Photovoltaic solar energy: a solution to South Africa’s economical, social and environmental stakes”, suiting the action to the words by creating over one hundred jobs to start with, creating solar energy.

The contact between Solaire Direct and Rimas started with the delivery of the RIMAS framing technology. This lead to a warm and positive cooperation. Asking for Mr. Lalla’s experiences with Rimas, he states (quote): ”Apart from RIMAS high quality products, I could not fault anything on the way they handled our order, from administration to factory testing done in their plant, to setting up in South Africa and excellent response and solutions proposed. We have never had a breakdown. This is one of the rare companies in that exceeded our expectations. Simply excellend”. Indeed … Mr. Lalla made us blush just a bit.

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