About RIMAS Assembly Technology and its products

Production automation & smart solutions

RIMAS Assembly Technology provides parts, tools, machinery and turnkey assembly lines for the purpose of product assembly and LEAN manufacturing. Being a Bosch Rexroth sales partner combined with having advanced engineering skills, makes RIMAS a solutions provider for a wide range of markets. Worldwide, RIMAS has engineered and installed  equipment and assembly lines for the electronics and semiconductor industry, automotive and aircraft interior industry and numerous other specialized areas.

RIMAS offers turnkey solutions including transfer systems, robotics, working tables, automation and user interfacing, safety barriers, storage facilities and LEAN manufacturing solutions.

It all started in 1995 with the delivery of parts like aluminium profile systems and connection  parts. This trade business unit is still an important part of the RIMAS Assembly Technology business, mainly through the available knowledge and  the capabilities needed for fast and accurate delivery.

Visit the pages products and assembly lines for Rimas product examples.

RIMAS Assembly Parts

Rimas supplies aluminium profiles and additional parts and fastening materials


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Full list of products such as parts, working tables, safety barriers, tranfer systems and machinery.


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Turnkey Assembly Lines

Examples of turnkey assembly lines or line sections in automotive, aircraft interior and the electronics industry.

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