Rimas is well-known  for its framing technology. The high quality solar panel framing concept is suitable for a wide variety of solar modules, different dimensions, profile types and corner connecting options. These solar framers can be integrated inline or as a separate unit. The solar panel framing concept is especially designed for reliable long term use and high quality products.

Inline / Offline

A framing unit integrated in a Rimas solar module back end line – or post lamination line – is generally loaded and unloaded using the Rimas walking beam system. In case of a standalone framer, automatic loading and unloading can still be used. Therefore a stand alone solar framer can be equipped with a shuttle system.

Although Rimas has a series of standardized solar panel framing systems, also a lot of custom made designs have been made for multiple solar module dimensions, variation in corner connections, using adaptor sets, robotized profile handling, etc.

Corner key press

When using corner keys to hold the module frame, the profiles have to be prepared with these corner keys.

For this purpose Rimas offers a practical Corner Key Press, which is pneumatically operated and set for one length of profiles (normally the short sides). If placed in the direct solar panel framing area the operator can prepare the profiles. in a simple and efficient manner.

Corner Key Press for Framer