Edge trimming

Edge trimming

After lamination, the rough solar laminate edges need to be smoothened. This so called edge trimming or edge cutting can be done manually by the operator or automatically using a robot.

This post lamination edge trimming procedure is necessary to make a tight fit between the solar laminate  and the aluminium framing. which is possible when the sealing edges are clean and smooth.

In standard Rimas lines the post lamination edge cutting – or edge trimming – is done semi manually with a special knife and a lift/turn table. This enables the operator to stay in the same position while trimming.

Edge trimming can also be fully automated, using a robot. Mostly several processes are combined for a more efficient use of the robot.  For more information on semi-automated or fully automated edge trimming, please contact our sales dept.

In the video this post lamination edge cutting is visible as its manual form.

Solar Post lamination edge cutting