In the post lamination procedure, prior to the framing of laminates, double sided tape is applied to the solar laminate. Taping assures a proper watertight connection between framing profiles and the solar laminate. For the taping procedure, Rimas designed an ergonomic tape tool. The Rimas  Tape Tool is used at numerous solar module manufacturing facilities around the globe.

The solar taping tool is easy to handle when taping the edges of the solar laminate. Thanks to the smart design, the tool can rest on the laminate, which has ergonomic benefits. Tape of several taping suppliers can be applied. The tape tool contains a holder for tape rolls of max 300 mm, with a standard inner diameter of 3” (76 – 77 mm).


Designed to automatically lift the laminate and turn it around manually, enabling the operator to apply tape around all four edges. The lifting device has pneumatically controlled positions to adjust the height to the operator needs, enabling an ergonomic working position. Together with the taping tool, this is an easy to use taping solution.

Note that a lift/turn table can be easily integrated into the walking beam of a RIMAS post lamination line.

Solar edge taping 01

Solar edge taping 02