Cell Inspection

Cell Crack Inspection

The Resonance Ultrasonic Vibrations (RUV)  technology is a solar cell inspection equipment. RUV recognizes cracks and micro cracks in solar cells and wafers. By using solar cell crack inspection equipment, the breakage rate of solar cells in solar module manufacturing lines, can be reduced by taking out cracked and therefore unstable solar cells.

Also the net output of a solar module can be increased by taking out cracked cells with this equipment. Besides, it will lower the risk of claims from the field. A RUV crack inspection equipment is therefore positioned in front of the stringer system. In other words, solar cells should be tested for cracks, prior to entering the solar module production line.

RUV solar cell crack detection is available in an offline as well as a (semi) inline solution. Check out the pre-stringing video, for a live demonstration.


RUV solar cell inspection machine 01

RUV solar cell inspection machine 02

RUV solar cell inspection machine 03

RUV solar cell inspection machine 04