Sun Simulator Tower

Sun simulator Tower

For determining the power output efficiency of a solar module at the end of a solar module manufacturing line, Rimas offers vertical sun simulators. Vertical sun simulation towers  fit several  sun simulators of different manufacturers and are designed to integrate specific sun simulating electronics.

Vertical sun simulation towers  can be fully integrated inside a solar panel production line. But even so, they can still be loaded and unloaded manually.

In an inline situation the conveyor runs in and out the sun simulation tower. The module is flipped over into the tower, with its sunny side up. Rimas designed a system for the automatic  disconnection of the the junction box contacts after testing. The latter can be used for fully automated inline purposes.  In  case  there  is  no  junction  box,  there still  are ways to contact the solar module or laminate to collect the output power efficiency result.

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Solar Vertical sun simulation 01

Solar Vertical sun simulation 02

Solar Vertical sun simulation 03