Providing Solutions

Take on the challenge together

Being a solutions provider for solar module manufacturing, RIMAS assists customers in overcoming a diversity of situations and challenges. The list of examples is growing by the day.

Extreme conditions: Extreme conditions like extreme temperatures in the Middle East or extreme heights in for example Nepal, can require specific adjustments to machinery of process equipment.

Certification: A start up in module production needs certification. In this case Rimas can give all the support that is needed, including product design and selection of materials and supplies.

Supply Chain: Crucial to the module production operation is a professional and cost effective management of the supply chain. This affects the quality of the end product as well as cash flow management.

Special solar line layout: Specific buildings can require a special line in/line out, with for example deviding the product line(s) over multiple floors, using smart lift devices.

Service & Support: The cooperation does not end after training and ramp up. Rimas offers service & support to keep the production line going. For example with service & maintenance contracts, a help desk with a service coordinator and a solid warranty arrangement.

In case you want to learn more about RIMAS’ capabilities for special solar module line layouts assembly lines and LEAN manufacturing lines, please contact our sales department.