Mirror One Immaculate

Mirror One Immaculate

The Mirror One Immaculate is the high end solution of VITRODODI with superb cleaning  qualities. A specially developed horizontal glass washing machine, to achieve extremely high cleaning results for markets such as the semi conductor, thin film coating and other electronics industries, in some cases in a cleanroom and R&D environment .

The pictures shown at the right, show a horizontal glass washing machine , with a much smaller width than usual, specially developed for the demands of a laboratory environment. However the general idea of a glass washing and drying solution remains the same. Therefore still a lot of proven VITRODODI  glass washing technology was used to come to these type of equipment.


Data sheet

Feel free to download data sheet Mirror One Immaculate



The Mirror One Immaculate glass washers, are designed to meet special project requirements. So please contact our sales department with your specifications.

Superb washing and drying quality

  • Water cascade system with extra filter sections
  • Spraying zones can be equipped with HP section with air separation
  • Conductivity measurements  PLC controlled.
  • Air-filter system up to Hepa EU 13 with indicator function
  • 3 pairs of cylindrical brushes with various bristles types
  • 6 Independent brusher motor drives(option inverter regulated)
  • Washing sections: depending on the general configuration of the machine
  • Drying zones: the customer can choose  individual configurations


High variation

  • Customized configuration trough modular design
  • Adjustable glass thickness lifting device
  • Inverter regulated transport speed
  • Touchscreen panel to change several parameters
  • Remote-access system support (optional)


High process reliability

  • Touchscreen panel to change several parameters
  • Track & Trace transport of glass by the touch screen
  • Indicator warnings to control al measurement system.

Mirror One Immaculate 01

Mirror One Immaculate 02

Mirror One Immaculate 03


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