Mirror One

Mirror One

The Mirror One horizontal glass washing machine is a standardized modular concept for washing and drying medium and big-sized glass formats, with a maximum width of 2200mm.

Typical applications for the Mirror One, is a reliable washing and drying machine for the cleaning of glass for crystalline solar modules. Besides this horizontal glass washer is used for the effective cleaning of cover glass for thin film solar modules. The main goal is to supply clean and dust free glass panels for solar module manufacturing.



Here you can see a solar glass washing and drying in action.


Data sheet

Feel free to download data sheet Mirror One



In case you want more information on the Mirror One horizontal glass washing machine, please contact our sales department.

The Mirror One glass washer has superb washing and drying qualities, thanks to:

  • 3 pairs of cylindrical brushes
  • 6 Independent brusher motor drives
  • 5 washing sections: pré-washing, 3 brusher sections & rinsing section
  • 3 individual water tanks with pumps, heating elements (optional)
  • Drying by two pairs of air-knifes


High variation

  • Adjustable glass thickness lifting device
  • Inverter regulated transport speed
  • Touchscreen panel to change several parameters
  • Remote-access system support (optional)


Compact design

  • Small dimensions
  • Fan platform with soundproof box construction (optional)
  • Integrated water tanks beneath the washing machine


Optimized cost reduction

  • Energy saving system
  • Air saving system
  • Maintenance free machine-parts


Straight forward operation handling

  • Adjustable glass thickness lifting device
  • Touchscreen panel to change several parameters
  • Tracking transport of glass on the touch screen
  • Inverter regulated transport speed
  • Water tanks are easy removable
  • Fast filter replacement


Technical data

  • Working width: 1300-1600-1900-2200 mm
  • Glass thickness: 3-20 mm
  • Working speed: 3.0-12.0 M/min.
  • Minimum glass size: 300×300 mm
  • Maximum glass size: Depending on the width configuration

MIRROR ONE Glass Washing 01

MIRROR ONE Glass Washing 02

MIRROR ONE Glass Washing 03