The VITRODODI Mirror Glass Washer Line is the new series of horizontal glass washing and drying machines, resulting from all the experience gathered in producing over more than 1.500 glass washers in a little over 30 years of time.

The Mirror series:


Recent Innovations

VITRODODI is constantly innovating in technology, process and environmental issues. For us, this is crucial to stay up front in constantly evolving requirements and the race to win the customers preference.

Below you can read some highlights of the newest VITRODODI developments in  inline automatic glass loading, new energy saving technologies, air-knife solutions for the drying section and several innovations concerning water quality and circulation.

Inline automatic glass loading system

The automatic glass loading system can be mounted over the standard Vitrododi glass washing machine. The return on investment will be approx. € 150.000 based on a horizontal glass washing machine placed inline in corporation with a standard PV production line. Meanwhile there is a benefit for the ergonomics of the operators that can lead to a reduction of the general medical expenses.

Energy saving

The energy saving is based  on the energy-consumption reduction rate necessary to heat up the water and  to dry the glass panels. The results are very positive. VITRODODI has already achieved an energy saving of 40%.

Air-knife solution

VITRODODI has a new air-knife technology underway. The special construction increases the glass drying capacity with 30%, even with less energy cost. Besides this, the noise production goes down with 10DB.

Glass washing technology 01

Glass washing technology 02

Glass washing technology 03

Glass washing technology 04