About us

Assembly Technology, that’s our core competence. For the last 25 years we have developed and built flexible solutions for product assembly. As a Bosch Rexroth sales partner we sell their Assembly Technology products in the Benelux. This has given us a strong focus on production processes and a distinct advantage in the realisation of assembly solutions. Whether it’s a simple standalone solution or a complete turnkey production line, our team continuously knows how to surprise our customers with innovative, out of the box and yet robust and cost-effective solutions. Interested to find out if we can help you?

Just ask, our team is at your disposal.

Our history

  • 1994
    Rimas is founded by Mr. Louis Manders as member of Manders Industries, a group of industrial automation companies. Louis was asked to set up the representation of the Bosch (later Bosch Rexroth) Assembly Technology division in the Netherlands and Belgium. This became Rimas‘s initial core activity
  • The 90‘s 
    Rimas becomes a strong and versatile partner for Assembly Technology. Rimas particularly succeeds in introducing many customers to the intelligent Bosch TS-systems
  • 2000 
    Rimas realises the first production solution for the solar industry by transforming its production knowledge of car sun roofs
  • Begin this century
    Rimas further expands its automation knowledge. Customers are mainly found in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • 2005 
    Independence. Mark Verstraten, who was plant manager at the time and Louis Manders agree on a management buy out to give Rimas a stronger market position. In that same year Rimas receives its first large solar related assignment for a part of a solar panel assembly line
  • 2006-2011 
    These years show strong company growth, enabling Rimas to carry out large scale projects next to the other activities. The foundation remains the knowledge of assembly processes and the integration of individual steps into a complete assembly chain. Focus is on solar but in the later years the search for more industries and broader use of the core activities is intensified
  • 2011 
    The original building where Rimas is located since 1994 is clearly too small and no longer represents Rimas’s ambitions. The search for a new location to further Rimas‘s ambitions turns out to be only 500 meters away. After a large renovation Rimas moves into the current location in 2011
  • 2012-2013 
    Later than many other companies, Rimas is also confronted with difficult times caused by the global crisis and relocation of production of solar panels from Europe to Asia. The years were tough, but projects in other industries are found in time to guide the company to the next phase
  • 2014-nu 
    Rimas services a broad palette of industries and expands to a company with 4 core activities:
    • Sales of Bosch Rexroth‘s Assembly Technology products
    • Realisation of solutions with those products such as work benches, frames, protective barrier, transport systems, etc
    • Automation projects
    • (Turnkey) Assembly lines