Assembly technology

Being a system integrator of Bosch Rexroth we can realise virtually any possible structure with aluminum strut profiles. Take a look at the selection below to see some of the possibilities. Should you want us to build a specific design for you just let us know. We can also deliver the assembly in parts if you wish to assemble the product yourself. Click here for some examples.

Work benches

Ergonomically designed work benches, for assembly lines or tables, allow for the best conditions for effective and high quality assembly work. Work benches are available in either standard or customer specific design, with or without height adjustment system. ESD protected versions are always possible

Rimas designs and builds customer specific work benches and provisions for you, from basic tables and material trolleys up to complete fixture systems for e.g. the automotive, semiconductor and assembly industry. We are most willing to pay you a visit and discuss your ideas around work place design, (LEAN) assembly lines and work flow.

Protective barriers and partition walls

Whether you are looking for a standard or customer specific solution, Rimas can advise and support you in finding the best possible protective barriers or partition walls, using the Bosch Rexroth ECO-safe product line.

Trolleys and fixtures

We make your trolleys and fixtures used for storing or moving products or tools in the assembly environment. These can be highly accurate positioning tools, the supply of your grab stock etc. We have a large database of earlier realised solutions that we can share with you or create fitting your specific situation

Transport systems

The typical characteristic of Rimas solutions is the integral approach and connection of the various processes. Transport in between is always an essential part of the solution. For this Rimas uses several possibilities: Bosch Rexroth transfer systems, the so called TS systems. This modular design system, with products being transported on product carriers, is particularly suitable for assembly challenges. The standardised modules allow for a broad variety of solutions, quickly and robustly.

The Bosch Rexroth Varioflow plastic chain transport system is a second modular solution that can be used in various applications such a packaging in the food and non-food industry. This systems can also be used with product carriers for specific process connecting applications. Rimas has its own transport system, which can be be used for solar and glass applications. This multitrack transport system is project specifically built and is highly robust and specifically suitable for the transportation of large flat products.

For other transport applications, where a product is transported directly on the transport medium (mat top conveying, flat belt, roller conveying) we work together with renowned partner systems that match the quality level customers can expect of us.