Production and machine automation

We are at your disposal for the automation of your production process or to solve production issues with situation specific automation. Our project managers look at your situation with you and cooperate with you to find a matching solution.

Our approach for such projects depends on your situation: using your requirements/drawings, using analysis on your shop floor, brainstorm sessions with your process engineers or product specialists etc. Whatever works best in any given situation.

Taylor made production automation

We strongly believe in the search fort he right balance between manual labor and automation. As a result you will find a strong variety of solutions in the analyses we make and in our product portfolio. This can be a robotised solution, or a work bench with tooling or smart software supporting the operator. We can add various transport solutions to get products from station to station.

Automation specialist

Equipment automation is by default customer specific. When you can’t find the solution you are looking for in the market we can always look at a solution especially designed for you. Some examples for your consideration:

  • Glueing, greasing, dosing solutions
  • Test benches for: force, sound, high voltage etc
  • Packaging solutions
  • Buffer / transport solutions
  • Press on solutions

Take a look at the selection of possible projects below in various industries